Returning to Happiness After Heartbreak

___________________________________________ *************************************************************** This is not meant to be a cure or prescription for those suffering from clinical depression or any other mental illness.  It is a series of suggestions, based on what I have found helpful for myself.  Each of us is unique, and need varying degrees of support.  This might include therapy or additional… Continue reading Returning to Happiness After Heartbreak

Tasty Summer Treats

As we enter the season of plentiful fresh fruits and vegetables, it's fun to play around with new recipes!  These are a few of my current favorites.  All quick, simple, and plant-based.  Served together, they would make a perfect summer meal! Walnut Pecan Pate´ Appetizer Meat-free "pate´" that's equally as delicious 1/2 cup raw walnuts… Continue reading Tasty Summer Treats