Sofia is creative in developing exercises, routines  and movements suited to the individual.  I have Parkinson’s Disease and every day, sometimes even hour by hour, my energy level and mobility/balance change drastically.  She is excellent at accommodating a wide range of energy and abilities in the moment.  She adapts with ease and is very focused. … Continue reading Lynn


Yogis sometimes forget that yoga practice is not just about the amount of sweat that drips onto their mats. Sofia's style of teaching reminds her students of the depth and dimension yoga has to offer. She will make her students sweat but she will also make them flow correctly. The precision of movement and posture, the… Continue reading Sam


When I moved to Minneapolis from San Francisco...I tried countless classes at studios across the city and simply couldn't find what I was looking for. Then, finally, I met Sofia. She is an incredibly talented instructor who brings the perfect blend of creativity, rigor, and spirit to her classes. I've been Sofia's student for over… Continue reading Jessica


When I started Pranassage sessions with Sofia my goal was to be more flexible--I could not squat down--I was very tight.  Sofia tailors each session to your needs.  I just love Pranassage and continue to show improvement, even at the age of 76!  I couldn't be more pleased.  Your body will love you if you… Continue reading Jon


Pranassage with Sofia is a unique combination of massage, stretching, yoga and kindness---inducing a transforming state of physical and mental peace and relaxation.  Be careful, once you experience it, you will not want to live without it.


I started yoga to increase my flexibility and range of motion in joints.  Before starting yoga [classes] with Sofia, knee surgery was only a short time away.  I was unable to bend into a squat or even perform a simple runner's lunge.  After three years with Sofia, I can do a full squat (with zero… Continue reading Steve


I first began practicing yoga with Sofia over five years ago.  These private lessons are the highlight of my week!  Sofia is a great teacher.  She corrects gently and encourages often.  She incorporates strengthening, stretching, and breathing to make yoga both invigorating and relaxing.  My strength, flexibility and balance, both physically and mentally, have never been better!… Continue reading Paula


I've been taking private lessons with Sofia for over 3 years.  Her yoga teachings have given me the flexibility, energy and strength to live a healthier life.  I highly recommend practicing yoga with her on a regular schedule.


One of the best decisions I made on my wedding day was to receive a Pranassage from Sofia.  It was wonderful and centering to start my day with physical and mental relaxation.  Sofia was kind, professional, and calming.  I would recommend this service to all brides and grooms, and to any individual who needs a… Continue reading Julie