The time and energy [with Sofia] was truly life saving for me.

It was the release and connection I needed.


Sofia’s energy is kind, gentle and healing.

Such a quiet, soft place to lay your heart for an hour.


Sofia provided both a grounding and tranquil environment. She was professional and very communicative. I felt a million times better after a massage with her and highly recommend booking a session with her.

Mary Alice

Sofia is truly intuitive when it comes to massage. She listens carefully to her client’s concerns and adapts her practice accordingly. Her depth of knowledge is reflected in her effective techniques.


I so appreciate Sofia’s tremendous approach and ability. She calms me down, helps me re-center, and restores my body. Her love and care is felt physically and emotionally with each massage. 


Sofia is creative in developing exercises, routines  and movements suited to the individual.  I have Parkinson’s Disease and every day, sometimes even hour by hour, my energy level and mobility/balance change drastically.  She is excellent at accommodating a wide range of energy and abilities in the moment.  She adapts with ease and is very focused.  Sofia emphasizes breathing in her sessions, which helps me immensely.  She has a positive outlook and a great sense of humor.  Her sense of calm is contagious.


Yogis sometimes forget that yoga practice is not just about the amount of sweat that drips onto their mats. Sofia’s style of teaching reminds her students of the depth and dimension yoga has to offer. She will make her students sweat but she will also make them flow correctly. The precision of movement and posture, the power of breath, and intense focus are all variables that Sofia instills in her students. You walk away from one of her classes having discovered something new about your practice and, in turn, something new about the way your body works.


When I moved to Minneapolis from San Francisco…I tried countless classes at studios across the city and simply couldn’t find what I was looking for. Then, finally, I met Sofia. She is an incredibly talented instructor who brings the perfect blend of creativity, rigor, and spirit to her classes. I’ve been Sofia’s student for over two years, and her classes not only keep me centered, but have also become an essential part of my life in Minneapolis.


When I started Pranassage sessions with Sofia my goal was to be more flexible–I could not squat down–I was very tight.  Sofia tailors each session to your needs.  I just love Pranassage and continue to show improvement, even at the age of 76!  I couldn’t be more pleased.  Your body will love you if you work with Sofia!


Pranassage with Sofia is a unique combination of massage, stretching, yoga and kindness—inducing a transforming state of physical and mental peace and relaxation.  Be careful, once you experience it, you will not want to live without it.