Online Classes

All online classes can be found on Instagram Live ( @sofialorraine_ ) & Zoom (email for link)

PARTNER PRANA STRETCH WORKSHOP: Saturday, April 4, 8:30-10:00pm CST

>>Prana Stretch invites body and mind into a space of deep relaxation.  Sofia will guide you and your partner through a slow, healing practice of restorative postures and gentle breathing. You will learn hands-on techniques to practice on each other while using clear communication with your partner.  This workshop is focused on deepening intimacy and physical connection.

Pay-what-you-can $20-40/pair (Venmo/Paypal)

You just need a comfy surface (yoga mat or blanket). Dress warm & cozy.

FEEL IT FLOW: Wednesdays 6pm CST

>>The yoga flow class is focused on freedom of expression. Our bodies are wise teachers, and this is an opportunity to get curious about the intelligence of this organism. Loose guidelines for postures are given, and you are encouraged to fill in the spaces with explorative and intuitive movement. All experience levels are welcome.

Pay-what-you-can $0-20 (Venmo/Paypal)

You just need a comfy surface (yoga mat or blanket) and comfortable clothing.

CHAIR YOGA: Fridays Noon CST

>>This class is for everyone, but especially great if you have limited mobility. This accessible class is held entirely while seated in a chair. Focus is on breathing, spinal movement, core engagement and sensation. Modifications offered. All experience levels/abilities are welcome.

Pay-what-you-can $0-20 (Venmo/Paypal)

You just need a chair and comfortable clothing.