Individualized Yoga

Yoga is for everyone.

No matter your age, weight, or level of mobility, we’ll find what’s right for your body.


Receive the benefits of one-on-one guided yoga.  With meticulous attention to form and breath, you will be guided through a personalized practice suited to your unique needs. These sessions may include breath work, meditation, physical postures, relaxation techniques and hands-on adjustments. $70/hour*


Share your yoga practice with a friend or loved one.  Partner sessions are designed to be fun, playful, yet grounding and relaxing.  Active partner postures and partner stretches are offered depending on your desired class experience.  Excellent for anniversaries, birthdays or any special day. $90/hour*


Perfect for any group of 3+ students, tailored to your individual needs. $120/hour*

*There is an additional $20 charge for sessions where I travel to your location.

*No-show or late cancellations (with less than 24 hour notice) will result in a $40 charge.